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Painter (hard rock)

Painter was a rock band formed in 1970 in Calgary, Alberta by Dan Lowe and Doran Beattie after the dissolution of 49th Parallel. The band experienced a number of personnel changes over the course of their short career. Their big hit "West Coast Woman", from the album Painter, was released in 1973. Other bands that came out of Painter include Hammersmith, 451 and Prototype. Amongst their various alumni are a number of recording engineers. QSound was developed by Dan Lowe after experimenting in a recording session that involved multiple microphones set up around a studio. The technology was used on recordings in the 80s by Pink Floyd, Sting, Madonna and other noted artists and is currently being used in cellphones.

Painter - Painter - 1973.jpg

Painter - 1973


West Coast Woman 2:47                                       Tell Me Why 2:07

Song For Sunshine 2:58                                        Goin Home To Rock N Roll 2:58

Space Truck 2:34                                                   Kites And Gliders 3:47

Oh! You 2:24                                                          Slave Driver 3:01

For You 3:57                                                          Crazy Feeling 2:42

Goin Down The Road 8:47


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