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Patti Jannetta (pop, disco)

Patti Jannetta is a pop and rock singer from Toronto, who was most prominent in the 1980s and early 1990s.  She released her first album, Patti Jannetta, in 1981. The album's first single "You've Got No One" charted on the Adult Contemporary charts in RPM, peaking at #7 in the week of April 9, 1983, the second single "I'm Ready for Your Love" peaked at #15 in the week of August 6, and "Don't Change" peaked at #13 in the week of April 7, 1984.  In 2013, Jannetta was presented with the Freedom for the Song award, in honour of her role in a 1987 protest by musicians against Canadian royalty payment rates.

Patti Jannetta | Singer, Songwriter, Event Manager

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Patti Jannetta - Patti Jannetta - 1981.j

Patti Jannetta - 1981


I'm Ready For Your Love 2:58                           Don't Change 4:08

Take Your Time 3:00                                          You've Got No One 3:45

Let's Start Today 2:38                                        I Want Your Everlasting Lovin' 3:14

Don't Say It's Over 4:22                                     My Guy 4:00

If The Feeling's Not Right 4:40                          One More Time 3:14

Patti Jannetta - Breathless - 1988.jpg

Breathless - 1988


Name Of The Game                                        Mirror Of The Heart

Secrets In Your Room                                     Party Girl

California Night                                               Movin' To The Beat

Fire In Your Eyes                                            Just Another Heartbeat

Trust Someone

Patti Jannetta - Mark On My Heart - 1991

Mark On My Heart - 1991


Sunday Gone                                                Even Though You're Gone

Dancin'                                                          I've Got News For You

Back In Time                                                 Mark On My Heart

Star Crossed                                                 I Know You'll Wait

Storm Warning                                              Something Foolish


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