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Paul Cafcae (rockabilly, blues, alt-country)

Born in the Soviet Union, Paul Cafcae has been living in Canada since 2009, now calling Toronto his home. With three full- length albums under his belt, Cafcae offers an authentic personable musical experience not confined by traditional genre limitations and boundaries. In his songwriting, Cafcae seamlessly crosses genres to breed a sound familiar, yet all his own. Laced with addicting progressions, a songwriting style that brings old and new together, and a melodically satisfying vocal approach, his records boast the aesthetic of indie anthems, his songs often compared to straight ’50s pop with a dash of surf rock, and ballads of Willie Nelson and Billy Joel.

Paul Cafcae

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Paul Cafcae - Sophisticated - 2019.jpg

Sophisticated - 2019

Paul Cafcae - Miss July - 2020.jpg

Miss July - 2020

Paul Cafcae - 20 Flight Rockers - 2020.j

20 Flight Rockers - 2020

Paul Cafcae - Origins - 2021.jpg

Origins - 2021

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She’s My Town                                            Sophisticated

Outlandish Graces                                      Wonderful Day

Single Flower In Her Hair                            Three Days

Bury Me Not                                                The Last Love Song


Heartbreak Train                                        Miss July

Arizona Tango                                            You’re Beautiful

Keep Thinking Of You                                Memory Lane

Once Had A Girl                                        Running Through The Streets

This Isn’t The End


Hey Kitty                                                 Blue Suede Shoes And An Orange Guitar

Once Had A Girl (Bonus Track)              Keep Thinking Of You (Bonus Track)

Ontario Rawker                                      Memory Lane

Part Time Jiver


Strood Up                                             Mr. Sandman

Long Tall Sally                                      Be-Bop-A-Lula

Great Balls of Fire                                Twilight Time

Sh-Boom                                              Sixteen Tons

Only You (And You Alone)