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Queen City Kids (hard rock, power pop)

Queen City Kids (QCK) is a band from Regina, Saskatchewan. The core of Queen City Kids began even before the boys were in high school in Regina. The band first formed in December 1968 and was originally called The V.I.P.'s and later Cambridge. They were together as a bar band without a member change for 12 years before getting signed. In 1976, the band caught the eye of Gary Stratychuk, the manager of Wascana. Gary booked Cambridge to open for Rush at the Trianon ballroom. Rush requested Cambridge for their next Saskatchewan tour. The boys needed a new name for their band, as they would now be writing their own songs. They wanted a name that had something to do with where they came from rather than their previous British influence. Queen City Kids was suggested. Without further questions, the band celebrated their rebirth into the world of music.

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Queen City Kids - Queen City Kids - 1981

Queen City Kids - 1981


Peace Of Mind 3:37                                          Follow You There 4:27

Kids World 3:57                                                Don't Say You Didn't Try 2:45

Secret Smoke 4:24                                           Empty Eyes 3:39

Carrying The Stick 3:18                                    Excitement Of Love 5:05

Down Again 3:38                                              Nothin's Gonna Change My Mind 4:54


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Queen City Kids - Black Box - 1982.jpg


Black Box 3:42                                                 Chains 4:08

In Your Eyes 3:28                                             Dance 3:54

Girls 4:33                                                         Crazy In Love 3:28

Ripped Off 3:14                                                Looking For You 4:02

Rock 'N' Roll Junkie 3:27                                 Bangin' On The Door 3:05

Black Box - 1982

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