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Say Yes (indie, alternative rock)

In the fall of 2011, while on a break from touring internationally with Alexisonfire, drummer Jordan Hastings booked rehearsal studio time in his hometown of Burlington, Ontario. Together with his longtime friend – guitarist / multi-instrumentalist Adam Michael, the two set about turning Jordan’s songs the foundation of a new band: SAY YES. By the spring of 2012, Jordan and Adam had come across a powerful local bassist Michael Zane, and quickly realized that he would be the perfect bass player to complete their power trio vision for the band. It would be only a short time later that the newly completed line-up of Say Yes would enter B-Town Sound Studios with producer Justin Koop to put down their debut recordings.

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Say Yes - Say Res (EP) - 2014.jpg

Say Yes (EP) - 2014


1. Euphoric Narcotic Pleasantly Hallucinant                        2. Sunrise
3. Sleep Off The Morning                                                    4. M.M.M
5. To See The World                                                            6. Blood From A Stone
7. Euphoria

Say Yes - Real Life Trash Mag - 2016.jpg

Real Life Trash Mag - 2016


01) Once Forward Twice Back                                           02) Dying to Make You Blind
03) Short - Handed Appeal                                                04) Five Walls
05) You're Mine                                                                  06) West Memphis
07) Too Much Not Enough                                                 08) Storm
09) Remorse Is In the Flames                                            10) Make it For Me
11) Sea of Trees

Say Yes - Please And Thank You (EP) - 20

Please And Thank You (EP) - 2017


1 Family 3:57

This Is My Funny Way of Showing That I Still Care (Fuck You) [Explicit] 3:17

God in a Shot Glass 3:53 

Shiny Cars & Fancy Restaurants 2:46

5 Songbird 4:26

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