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Shane Yellowbird (country)

Shane Yellowbird (born July 7, 1979) is a Cree-Canadian country music singer/songwriter from Hobbema, Alberta. In 2007, Yellowbird was named the Aboriginal Entertainer of the Year at the Aboriginal People's Choice Music Awards, Chevy Trucks Rising Star of the Year at the Canadian Country Music Awards, and had one of the 10 most played country music songs of the year in Canada. Shane Yellowbird released his debut album, Life Is Calling My Name, in 2006 and his second album, It's About Time was released on November 17, 2009, featuring the single, "Bare Feet on the Blacktop".

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Shane Yellowbird - Life Is Calling My Na

Life Is Calling My Name - 2006


They're All About You                                      What A Beautiful Concept

Pickup Truck                                                    Get Away With You

I Remember The Music                                   Drive Me Home

Here                                                                 Summer Day

Easy                                                                Life Is Calling My Name

Shane Yellowbird - It's About Time - 200


1 Bare Feet On The Blacktop 3:00                            2 Watching You Walk Away 3:40

I Get That A Lot These Days 4:05                          4 I Can Help You With That 3:27

My Kind of Crowd 3:22                                           6 Next Time I Leave 3:08

Between You And Me 3:31                                     8 Sedona Arizona 3:34 

Pabst Blue Ribbon 3:29                                         10 It's About Time 3:16

It's About Time - 2009


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