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Shawn Kellerman (blues, rock)

Shawn Kellerman from Kitchener, Ontario started his musical career as a teenager and has been on the road in 35 different countries over the last 18 years. Shawn is recognized as one of the most powerful stage performers you will ever see. He literally puts every ounce of mental and physical energy into his music. Expressive, dynamic and technically outstanding, Shawn continues to build on his past experiences and push the boundaries of traditional blues into modern territory by adding in some soul, funk and rock influences. Shawn has been nominated for the “Guitar Player The Year” by the Maple Blues Awards, Canada’s most respected blues society. - Shawn Kellerman

Shawn Kellerman- Modern Blues Rock Guitar Player, Guitarist, Lucky Peterson guitarist.

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Shawn Kellerman - Take Note - 2001.jpg

Take Note - 2001


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Shawn Kellerman - Land Of A 1000 Dreams


1 Land Of A 1000 Dreams                       2 Big Time

3 Do My Thing                                         4 Wash My Back

5 Whipsnap                                             6 My Baby's A Gift

7 Never Give Up                                     8 Bug And Shawn

9 Pass Me Not, Oh Gentle Savior          10 Get Out Of My Life

11 Verb

Land Of A Thousand Dreams - 2007

Shawn Kellerman - Blues Without A Home -


1 Ted's Jam 8:22                                   2 Good Times 4:15

3 Counterfeit Man 5:16                          4 Give Me My Blues 5:29

5 Love Is Sweet 6:41                             6 Love Of Mine 7:13

7 Big Mama's Door 10:23                      8 Pretty Woman 4:21

9 Burrito Brain 8:13                               10 Jellyroll 4:34

Blues Without A Home - 2009

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