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Strange Advance

Vancouver, British Columbia

Strange Advance was a new wave band formed in 1982 in Vancouver, British Columbia. They were nominated for a 1983 Juno Award as Most Promising Group of the Year and again in 1985 as Group of the Year. Their first two albums, 1982's Worlds Away and 1985's 2WO, were Canadian gold selling records.  Strange Advance was initially made up of Drew Arnott (keyboards, percussion, vocals), Darryl Kromm (lead vocals, guitars), and Paul Iverson (bass). The three met in Vancouver and founded the group in 1980. Initially called Metropolis, they were forced to change their name after discovering a band in Germany using "Metropolis."  - Wikipedia




Associated Acts




Years Active


1982 - 1995



We Run

Worlds Away

She Controls Me


Drew Arnott, Darryl Kromm
Ric deGroot, Ian Cameron, Joey Alvero, David Quinton, Paul Iverson

Music & Merch

Worlds Away - 1982

2WO - 1985

The Distance Between - 1988

Over 60 Minutes With - 1987