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The Awkward Stage (indie pop, rock)

The Awkward Stage was an indie pop band from Vancouver and fronted by singer-songwriter Shane Nelken. The band's supporting lineup consists of Tygh Runyan on lead guitar, Tony Koelwyn on drums and Chris Mitchell on trumpet and keyboards. Nelken, who works as a cremationist, had a longtime side career as a musician, supporting a number of artists including A.C. Newman, New Pornographers and Sparrow. He put together a backup band, The Awkward Stage, which included drummer Kurt Dahl, and released a debut album, Heaven Is for Easy Girls, on Mint Records in 2006. The album charted on Canadian campus radio and CBC Radio 3, which named the band's song "We're Going for a Ride" one of its Top 94 songs of 2006.

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Awkward Stage - Heaven Is For Easy Girls

Heaven Is For Easy Girls - 2006


1 The Morons Are Winning 3:06         2 So Stupid, So Smart 3:50

3 Heaven Is For Easy Girls 2:55        4 Sad Girl Radio 3:55

5 I Drive 3:15                                      6 We're Going For A Ride 2:31

7 T-Rexia Nervosa 2:59                     8 I Love You, Hipster Darling 4:45

9 1000 Teenage Hearts 3:48             10 The Room Tone 2:36

11 The Circus Ends In Tears (Pachrymosa) 3:46

12 West Van Girl 3:15

Awkward Stage - Slimming Mirrors, Flatte

Slimming Mirrors, Flattering Lights - 2008


The Sun Goes Down On Girlsville         Your Heart Serves Only You

Anime Eyes                                            (Prettier...)

Skeletal Blonde                                      Hey, Modern School Girl

Only Good Days Caught On Camera    (Than...)

True Love On Three With Feeling         We Dreamt Of Houses

I Hurt The Ones That Love Me              (Them...)

Youth Is A War                                       Mini Skirt Of X-mas Lights



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