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Caribou Showband (folk, country)

In 1967 Johnny Burke formed the Caribou Showband and for the next seven years hosted a syndicated televison show called At The Caribou. In 1972 the Caribou Showband changed it's name to Eastwind which later became the houseband on the CTV network show The Funny Farm. Johnny and his band spent a great deal of time backing up other name artists, including a seven year engagement on the syndicated Opry North Show.

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Caribou Showband - At The Caribou - 1968.jpg


A1 I'se The B'y 1:32                                        A2 Walk Through This World With Me 3:16

A3 Detroit City 2:44                                         A4 Buck-A-Roo 1:50

A5 Another Bridge To Burn 3:17                     A6 Island Of Newfoundland 2:52

B1 Ode To The Caribou Club 2:05                 B2 Banks Of Newfoundland 2:07

B3 Life Turned Her That Way 2:25                 B4 This Ole House 2:01

B5 Gentle On My Mind 2:36                           B6 Maple Sugar 2:51

At The Caribou - 1968

Caribou Showband - Join Us At The Caribou - 1969.jpg


A1 Fighting 59th 1:28                                        A2a Heartaches By The Number

A2b Crazy Arms                                                A2c I've Got A New Heartache

A3 Silver Threads And Golden Needles 1:50   A4 Old Faithful 2:17

A5 I'm Not The Boy I Used To Be 3:45             A6 Bowing The Strings 2:20

B1 Mrs. Robinson 2:33                                     B2 Anita Your Dreaming 2:06

B3 Room In The Corner Of The House 2:12    B4 Thirteen Steps 3:28

B5 On The Banks Of My Own Lovely Lea 2:58 B6 Killigrews Soirie 1:43

Join Us At The Caribou - 1969

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Caribou Showband - The Caribou Showband - 1971.jpg


A1 The Last Of City Lights                                A2 Daddy's Little Girl

A3 Faded Love                                                 A4 Brenda's Reel

A5 And The Old House Died                            A6 Advance To Blast

B1 Red Misty Morning                                      B2 The Leaves Musn't Fall

B3 At The Caribou                                            B4 Kingdom Of My Mind

B5 The Kelligrew Soiree                                   B6 Caribou Telstar

The Caribou Showband - 1971