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The D Project

Quebec City , Quebec

It was in 2006 that the singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Stéphane Desbiens and author Francis Roy founded D Project. The first album Shimmering Lights evoked a mix of different music styles; progressive rock, classical, metal including jazz. Many shows were presented especially with The Flowers King and Arena. Later, in 2008, was the release of the album Sagarmatha Dilemma for which the music was inspired by Mount Everest images and its conquest by the climber Maxime Jean. The documentary  Everest featured music from D Project.  From Quebec City.  - progarchives



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Years Active


2006 - present



Spanish Castle

So Low

Don't Tell The Kids



Stéphane Desbiens--Voice-Guitar-keyboards
Jean Gosselin-Drums
Isabelle Cormier-Violon-keyboard-Vocal

Music & Merch

Shimmering Lights - 2006

The Sagarmatha Dilemma - 2008

Big Face - 2011

Making Sense - 2014

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