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The Front (new wave, electronic rock)

Studio project The Front found its roots on Lisa Dalbello’s 1981 album ‘Drastic Measures’ where Tim Thorney had co-written most of the album with her, Gary Nichol played guitar and Paul Hannah engineered the sessions. Nichole started recording tracks for what would be the album ‘Gina’s at a Party’. With some initial tracks laid down, it led to a signing with Duke Street Records. From there they went in to Toronto’s Manta Sound with producer Hayward Parrot at which time they met singer Joel Feeney. His voice was a great fit for what they were trying to achieve, so he joined the band. Jaimie Vernon, The Canadian Pop Music Encyclopedia

Front - Ginas At A Party - 1983.jpg

Gina's At A Party - 1983


A1 Hide And Seek 3:17                                             A2 Who Your Friends Are 3:45

A3 The Haunting (Jimmy Loves Mary-Anne) 4:04    A4 Truth Hurts 3:14

A5 The Hard Line 3:04                                              B1 Simple Dreams 3:41

B2 Someday 3:34                                                     B3 Looking For You 4:37

B4 The Joke Was On Me 4:00                                  B5 Can't Get Started 4:35


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Front - Underworld - 1984.jpg


Underworld 4:09                                                       Your Street 4:11

Treacherous 4:41                                                     You Can't Do That 3:55

News To You 5:14                                                     Hit And Run 4:33

Twice Shy 3:44                                                         The Moon Is A Stranger 3:12

Robbery 4:40                                                            The Same Girl 4:13

Underworld - 1984