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The Furies (punk, garage)

The Furies were Vancouver’s first punk band, formed by singer/guitarist Chris Arnett, drummer Jim Walker, and bassist Malcolm Hasman (later replaced by John Werner). The Furies played the first official punk concert, 30 July 1977, at the Japanese Hall with the Dishrags. They were the first Vancouver punk band to make a recording (What Do You Want Me To Be? was recorded 24 June 1977, but not released until the 1991 on the Last Call compilation CD). They were the first to play out-of-town, appearing in Seattle with The Lewd in August 1977. Finally, they were also the first to call it quits, splitting up after a September Japanese Hall show with the Skulls in September 1977. In 2007, the Furies reunited (with Taylor Little replacing Jim Walker) for some concerts marking the 30th Anniversary of Punk in Vancouver, and followed that by recording a self-titled CD. - Bloodied But Unbowed, The Punk Movie

Furies - The Furies - 2007.jpg

The Furies - 2007


1 The Furies                                                      2 Friday Night Date

3 White Noise                                                    4 Sweet Eleanor

5 Assassination                                                 6 California Dreamin'

7 Vietnam                                                          8 Suicide Bomber

9 Way Of Life                                                    10 We're Gonna Rock All Over This Town

11 Speed                                                          12 No Fun City


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