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The Holdouts (hardcore , skate punk)

The Holdouts: A balls to the walls 4 piece Melodic hardcore punk rock band from St. Catharines, Ontario that doesn't pull a single punch. Speed, raw energy and killer hooks at the ready, The Holdouts deliver scathing takes on the world and existence breaking questions straight to your brain with a heavy rock n roll attitude. While they sound at their most creatively charged when their songs are more inspired by the latter, The Holdouts prove to be a hardcore punk band that should certainly be on your radar.

Music | The Holdouts (

Holdouts - Cause And Effect - 2020.jpg


1. 2000 Days 02:12

2. Standard Light Nonsense 02:44

3. Maodun 02:28

4. Faking Your Death 02:47

5. 11/22 02:33

6. Devils in the Details 02:44

Cause And Effect - 2020

Holdouts - For Reasons Unknown -


1. Headcase 02:40

2. Latch 02:56

3. Standard Light Nonsense 02:33

4. Long Time No See 02:39

5. Blanket Statement 02:47

6. Cats and Dogs 03:11

For Reasons Unknown - 2021


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