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The Ketamines (garage rock, lo-fi)

The Ketamines is music from James Leroy and Paul Lawton. Based simultaneously out of Lethbridge and Toronto, The Ketamines live band have featured over one hundred members to date, touring most of North America in various disguises, disgracing themselves and dishonoring their fathers. The Ketamines have releases on a variety of labels that like and trust them completely. Their friends find them "intolerable" and "annoying" and as such they find it hard to find connection or love in this cruel world. Ambition with no expectation.

Ketamines - Spaced Out - 2012.jpg

Spaced Out - 2012


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Teenage Rebellion Time                               1 Yr

Midnight Dawn                                              Ketamine Babies

Skin Trade                                                     Kill Me Now, Please

Evil Intentions                                                Spaced Out

No Grand Design                                          The Runaround

Ketamines - 11 11 (EP) - 2014.jpg


Come Inside 2:19                                       You Can't Serve Two Masters 2:34

Everybody Gets Down 2:38                       Spirit Time Rebellion 1:18

Patients 2:33                                              Lawncare 2:04

So Clean 2:20                                            Don't Stop (Go On) 2:50

Double Elevens 1:36                                  Spaceships 2:26

Thank Me Forever 3:25

11:11 - 2014

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Ketamines - You Can't Serve Two Masters


Take Me To Your Leader 1:50

Lightworkers Lament 1:08

You Can't Stop Time 2:00

We Are One 2:02

Right About Now 1:10

Change Your Ways 1:23

You Can't Serve Two Masters (EP) - 2013