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The Rabble (garage, psychedelic rock)

Formed in 1965, The Rabble were a psychedelic/garage act that hailed, originally from Pointe-Claire, Quebec on Montreal’s west island. Prior to the band’s self-titled debut album being recorded and released in 1967 on Trans-World Records, founding member and co-writer Rick Metcalfe left the group. The album was produced by CFOX (Pointe-Claire) radio personality Dean Hagopian. The band’s follow-up effort, ‘Give Us Back Elaine’, was recorded through the end of 1967 into early 1968 and released in 1968 on Trans-World. The group lasted through 1970 having released a final single on the Aquarius label.

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Golden Girl 2:16                                            Black Potato 2:40

Nothin' But 4:21                                            Rising Of The Sun 4:28

The Crushing Hand Of Mother 2:48

We'll Bring You Flowers For Your Wall, We Love You All, Yes We Do, Yes We Do,

Yes We Do 1:46

Can I Squeeze 1:55                                      The Energy Ritual (Parts I - IV) 11:15

The Rabble - 1967


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The Rabble - Give Us Back Elaine - 1969.


Miss Money Green                                       Here's You Mourning

Emerald Red                                                Candy

Nowhere Ride                                              Butter Cup Blue

Too Bad                                                        Put It Down To Magic

Please Set Me Free                                     Why Am I Lonely

There's So Many Things

Give Us Back Elaine - 1968

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