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Tin Star Orphans (alternative country, rock)

Tin Star Orphans is an indie rock/alt country band from Toronto, Ontario. Originally formed in 2004 as Yonder, the group currently consists of leader Zachary Bennett, (vocals. guitar), Dean Marino (lead guitars/vocals), Johnny Rowe (drums), Dave Fenton (bass) and Steve Savage (keyboards).  In December 2008, Yonder were signed to Sparks Music, a label known for releasing acts such as Spiral Beach and The Priddle Concern. Sparks' first move was to re-release "Skywalk", but the band decided to change their name to Tin Star Orphans and so the album was renamed “Yonder”, as a homage to the band’s former moniker.

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Tin Star Orphans - Yonder - 2013.jpg

Yonder - 2009

Tin Star Orphans - The Days Of Blinding


1 Juvenile Haul                                       2 Slack-Jaw

3 Jesus Freaks                                       4 Night We Touched The Stars             

5 Wear A Frown                                      6 Let You Down                                                       7 Chinese New Year / You Got It            8 Miss You

9 Plastic Jesus                                       10 Farmers' Pants

11 The Night Wind                                  12 Autumn Eyes

13 If Only                                                14 You Have No Idea


1 Jaw Wired Shut                                  2 We Are Lions

3 Year Of The Wave                              4 Fire

5 Fighter                                                6 Men With Guns

7 Three Cheers For The Coward          8 Deadly Medley

9 Hand Me Down                                  10 Someday Tourniquet

The Days Of Blinding Fear - 2010

Tin Star Orphans - Tin Star Orphans - 20


A1 1K Years                                         A2 Medicine

A3 The Last Laugh                              B1 Nowhere

B2 Dead Man's Suit                             B3 Tigerlily

C1 Holiday On Ice                               C2 Fold

C3 Sun Sinking West                          D1 Until I Died

D2 Fight Like Lovers                           D3 Purple Heart

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Tin Star Orphans - 2014

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