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The Ugly Ducklings (rock, garage rock)

The Ugly Ducklings were a five piece garage rock group based in Toronto, Ontario, most notable during the mid 1960s.  They released six singles in 1966 and 1967 on the Yorktown and Yorkville labels, and one album, Somewhere Outside in 1967. In the summer and fall of 1967, the band's fifth single "Gaslight" became a Top 40 hit across Canada, peaking at #17 on the RPM Chart, and reaching #1 on CHUM 1050 in Toronto on October 2 that year, displacing The Rolling Stones. Their first three singles also made the local 1050 CHUM AM charts in Toronto. Members included Dave Bingham (lead vocals, harmonica), Glynn Bell (rhythm guitar), Roger Mayne (lead guitar), John Read (bass), and Robin Boers (drums)  - Wikipedia

ugly ducklings.jpg
The Ugly Ducklings - Somewhere Outside -


Nothin' 2:28                                          Do What You Want 3:01

She Ain't No Use To Me 3:01               Just In Case You Wonder 2:24

Not For Long 2:54                                Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Any More 2:50

Hey Mama (Keep Your Big Mouth Shut) 2:56

10:30 Train 2:34                                  That's Just A Thought That I Had In My Mind 2:40

Postman's Fancy2:35

Windy City (Noise At The North End) 6:02

Somewhere Outside - 1966

The Ugly Ducklings - Off The Wall - 1980


A1 Nothin 2:29                                   A2 The Pain Is Alright 3:19

A3 Scarred 5:56                                 A4 No Account Woman 5:56

A5 Hey Momma Keep Your Big Mouth Shut 2:57

B1 Just Another Rock 'N' Roll Band 3:09

B2 All Drugged Out 3:34                   B3 Yesterday's Child 2:54

B4 Reality 6:32                                  B5 The Band Played On 3:14

Off The Wall - 1980

The Ugly Ducklings - The Ugly Ducklings


Just In Case You Wonder               I Wish You Would (Previously Unreleased)

I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore

Gaslight (Unreleased Version)       My Little Red Book (Previsouly Unreleased)

Hey Mama(Keep Your Big Mouth Shut)

Nothin                                            10:30 Train

I Need Your Love (Previously Unreleased)

She Ain't Used To Me                    Rimb Nugget

The Ugly Ducklings - 1982

Ugly Ducklings - Too Much Too Soon - 199


1 Gaslight                                             2 Nothin'

3 She Ain't No Use To Me                    4 10:30 Train

5 Wish You Would                                6 Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut

7 I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore

8 Just In Case You Wonder                 9 I Know What To Say

10 Do What You Want                         11 Not For Long

12 Just A Thought                               13 Postman's Fancy

14 Windy City


Too Much Too Soon - 1998

Ugly Ducklings - S.N.A.F.U. - 2001.jpg


1 Don't Bug Me                                  2 That's What You Said

3 Better Luck Next Time                    4 The Only One

5 Doin' Fine                                       6 No Fear

7 Love Is A Liar                                 8 Hard Feelings

9 Who's That Girl?                           10 No Brains Today

11 Time Well Wasted

S.N.A.F.U. - 2001

The Ugly Ducklings - Somewhere Inside (C

Somewhere Inside - 2011


1 Talent In Toronto: Intro 0:08                2 Nothin' [Live] 2:26

3 Introducing The Band 1:41                 4 Somebody Help Me [Demo] 2:19

5 Becoming The "DUCKS" 2:35            6 Little Red Book ["Live"]  2:47

7 Leaving It All Behind 3:02                  8 Postman's Fancy [Alt. Mix] 2:21

9 Stones Critique 3:04                          10 Confederation Commercial 0:27

11 Hanky Panky Story 3:59                  12 Just In Case You Wonder [Live] 2:35

13 A Side, B Side 0:58                         14 My Watch ["Live"] 3:43

15 Touring Around Ontario 3:04           16 You've Got It Made [Demo] 3:09

17 Wilson Pickett Gig 1:17                   18 I'm A Man ["Live"] 5:07

19 Slip Of The Tongue 0:45                  20 Home In Your Heart ["Live"] 1:59

21 Tailor For The Band 1:15                 22 Out Of Sight [Demo] 2:26

23 Sign Off 0:45

Ugly Ducklings - Thump & Twang -


1 Hangman                                           2 My World For Today

3 Rise To Your Calling                          4 Playgirl

5 Cry Yourself To Sleep                        6 Girl out Of Time

7 The Blues Fell This Morning             8 Can't Judge A Book By The Cover

9 Hangman (v.2)                                  10 Can't Judge A Book (v.2)

Thump & Twang - 2015

Noise From The North End, The Amazing St

Noise From The North End (Paperback)

- Dave Bingham

It was the 1960’s. The British Invasion was under way as The Who, Beatles and Rolling Stones dominated the top of the charts. In Canada, Toronto’s trending Yorkville district was attracting Canadian acts to its many coffee houses and nightclubs. In 1965, Canada’s Ugly Ducklings burst onto the music scene with their gritty garage-punk style and the rest is music history. Noise from the North End is a wild, energetic, original and enduring story of one rock band’s journey through Canada’s music scene, from smoky coffee houses to high school dances to bars and nightclubs throughout Canada in the 60s and 70s. It is also a compelling chronicle of a music industry often unwilling to get behind its talented and popular musicians and really promote them; to the extent some moved to the U.S. where their careers finally took off. Noise from the North End contains never before told anecdotes and never before seen photographs that explore a unique era in Canadian music.


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