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Zappacosta (rock, pop, jazz)

Alfredo Peter "Alfie" Zappacosta (born 1953 in Sora, Italy), also known by just his surname, is a singer/songwriter.  Zappacosta's first band was Surrender, a five-piece group that recorded three albums in the late 1970s into the early 1980s. In 1984 he recorded his first self-titled solo album which contained the hit singles "Passion" and "We Should Be Lovers". As a result, he won the Juno Award for "Most Promising Male Vocalist".  He now calls Edmonton, Alberta home.

Zappacosta - 1984

A To Z - 1986

Quick, Don't Ask Any Questions - 1990

Innocence Ballet - 1995

Dark Sided Jewel - 1999

Start Again - 2004

Bonafide - 2007

At The Church At Berkeley - 2008

Blame It On Me - 2010

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