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Zumpano (indie, power pop)

Zumpano was an indie rock group in the 1990s from Vancouver B.C. The band, whose power pop style resembled such contemporaries as Sloan and The Super Friendz, consisted of vocalist/guitarist Carl Newman, keyboardist Michael Ledwidge, bassist Stefan Niemann and drummer Jason Zumpano. The band formed in 1992 after Zumpano and Ledwidge dissolved their band 'Glee', which they felt was "artistically impure" despite beginning to enjoy some success.

Zumpano - Look What The Rookie Did - 1994.jpg

Look What The Rookie Did - 1995

Zumpano - Going Through Changes - 1996.jpg

Goin' Through Changes - 1996



The Party Rages On                                               Oh That Atkinson Girl

Rosecrans Blvd.                                                      Platinum Is Best Served Cold

Evil Black Magic                                                      Temptation Summary

I Dig You                                                                  Wraparound Shades

Snowflakes And Heartaches                                   Jeez-Louise

(She's A) Full-Blooded Sicilian



Behind The Beehive                                              Broca's Ways

Throwing Stars                                                      Here's The Plan

The Only Reason Under The Sun                        The Millionaire Poets

Let's Fight                                                             It Doesn't Take A Genius

The Sylvia Hotel                                                    Momentum

The Angel With The Good News                           Some Sun


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