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A Passing Fancy (psychedelic rock, pop)

A Passing Fancy was a psychedelic rock band from Toronto, Ontario, active from the mid-1960s fronted by the singer-songwriter and guitarist Jay Telfer, and Brian Price. After playing dates at many high schools across Ontario, the Dimensions became the house band at Cafe El Patio in the Yorkville Village through Bernie Finkelstein's connections. The band changed name to A Passing Fancy in January 1966 when Finkelstein left to take over the management of The Paupers. The band's debut single, Telfer's "I'm Losing Tonight", released in February 1967, reached No. 22 on the CHUM chart the following month. The self-titled album, which featured all of the Columbia singles, (including an alternate mix of "I'm Losing Tonight" with no lead guitar) was released in November 1968. Like the single, the album failed to make an impression despite the band holding down a residency at the El Patio throughout the latter part of 1968 and early 1969. By June 1969, the band had broken up.

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A Passing Fancy - A Passing Fancy - 1968

A Passing Fancy - 1968


I'm Losing Tonight 2:48                               A Passing Fancy 2:35

You're Going Out Of My Mind 2:35             Sounds Silly 2:25

She Phoned 2:10                                        I Believe In Sunshine 2:25

Island 2:05                                                  Your Trip 3:05

Little Boys For Little Girls 3:31                   Under The Bridge 2:38

Spread Out 2:54                                         People In 3:15


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