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Aarons & Ackley (pop rock, folk)

Chuck Aarons had worked on the road with the Beach Boys before moving to Canada to avoid the draft. He met Jim Ackley through a mutual friend in 1970, and the duo decided to record together. Their demo led to a contract with Capitol; Aarons and Ackley's self-titled debut was released in 1971. The two then worked as producers until late 1974, when GRT signed them. They released only one single, "Where Did the Music Go."  From Toronto, Ontario

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Lay Me Down 2:42                                   Willie Boy 3:20

Devil Song 2:56                                       There Is A Lady 2:18

Take Me Home 4:40                                 Swanee Song 2:40

Annalee 2:34                                            Sleeping Gypsy 3:44

Sailor Song 1:52                                      Let It Shine4:44

Aarons & Ackley - 1971


A1 N.F.S.                                                 A2 Girl I've Been Waiting

A3 Don't                                                  A4 Almost Five O'Clock

A5 Truly                                                   A6 Oh What A Good Time

B1 Bonnie Blue                                       B2 You And I

B3 Could Have Had Anything                 B4 L.A.

B5 Five O'Clock

You And I - 1972


You And I Billboard

- 1972

Devils Song Promo Poster


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