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Abandoned Souls (rock, hard rock)

Hailing from London, Ontario, Abandoned Souls hit the ground running in 2006. In the vein of Three Days Grace meets Godsmack, this hard rock band quickly became very highly regarded through out Southern Ontario. In life though, the road to the promised land is not always easily traveled. For all the highlights there were many struggles and hurdles. Faced with things that would crumble most bands, Abandoned Souls persevered and grew from them. They have emerged a stronger and more intense band than ever before. Members include James Todd- lead vocals, Derek De Kort- guitar & vocals, Tom Dobrentey- drums & vocals, Reagan Thorne- bass & vocalsAbandoned  Souls

Some Never Will - 2008

Insightful Minds At Ease - 2014

Circle Of Shadows - 2010

Damned If You Don't - 2012


Make It Last - 2017


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