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Abraham's Children (rock, pop rock)

Abraham's Children was a 1970's pop-rock band from Toronto. Originally founded as Just Us, then became Capt'N Midnites' Dirty Feet, finally changed their name in 1972 to Abraham's Children as an homage to Abe Salter, one of the owners of their label Gas Records. After a contractual dispute, they left Gas in October 1973 to sign with U.A. Records, Limited. Jim Bertucci is best known as the founding member, bassist and singer-songwriter, along with Bob McPherson, Brian Cotterill and Ron Bartley

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Time - 1973


A1 Gypsy 3:04                                A2 Hot Love 3:33

A3 Goodbye-Farewell 3:08            A4 How To Be A Lady 4:38

A5 Thank You 2:54                        B1 Woman "O" Woman 3:46

B2 Children's Song 4:42                B3 Workin' For The Man 6:10


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