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Absolute Whores (punk, country rock)

Absolute Whores is a rock band that seems to favor R-rated names. The band actually started off as the Complete Sluts, but changed its title in 1985. Members of the group are Paul Bullock, known by fans as John Paul Trash, Vaughn Passmore, who calls himself Clint Rude, Greg McConnell, aka Ugly Dick Adonis, and someone simply called Sven. In 1985, the group released a debut album, Killing an Elvis Song for You. It was followed four years later by a self-titled sophomore release. The band never made it to the big time and tossed in the towel after a few years. Three of the original members, Passmore, McConnell, and Bullock, came back together in 1997 to give it another try, this time calling themselves Stratochief. - Charlotte Dillon, Allmusic

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Absolute Whores - Absolute Whores - 1989

Absolute Whores - 1989


A1 Born In '65                                      A2 Bore Dumb Blues

A3 Betty Sue                                                 A4 Back Back

A5 Johnny Cash Records                              A6 All Fucked Up

A7 Jack To A King                                          B1 Don't Argue

B2 20 Flight Rock                                          B3 Talking To Ya, Baby

B4 Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down              B5 Reputation: Head

B6 Here Comes A Regular


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