Absolutely Free

Toronto, Ontario

Absolutely Free is a Toronto indie psych band formed by Mike Claxton, Jordan Holmes, Matt King and Moshe Rozenberg in 2011 after the breakup of their prior band DD/MM/YYYY. The band released their debut EP UFO/Glass Tassel in 2012, followed by On The Beach/Clothed Woman, Sitting EP the next year.  In 2014, Absolutely Free released their debut full-length album Absolutely Free with Arts & Crafts in Canada, and Lefse Records in all other territories. The album was a long-listed nominee for the 2015 Polaris Music Prize.




Mike Claxton
Matt King
Moshe Rozenberg





Beneath The Air

Music & Merch

Absolutely Free - 2014

Absolutely Free - Geneva Freeport - 2019

Geneva Freeport - 2019

Absolutely Free - Two Cares Due None - 2

Two Cares Due None - 2020

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