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After All (rock, blues, pop)

The rock group After All consists of vocalist Scott Acomba, drummer Leigh Grant, bassist Jordy Birch, and guitarist Todd Simko. The lineup changed some over the years, with members leaving and new artists stepping in, like keyboardist Mark Henning and bassist Dave Hadley. Though After All earned excellent reviews from its debut album, the band never reached the goals it had hoped to obtain and pretty much tossed in the towel by the finish of the '80s. In 1988, After All recorded a debut album, How High the Moon. In 1989, Acomba left and things fell apart from there. Members went on to form other bands, like Pure and Grin Factory. Charlotte Dillon, Allmusic

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After All - How High The Moon - 1988.jpg

How High The Moon - 1988


Save Me From Myself                                     Bullets

It´s Only The Blues                                         Holiday

Waiting                                                            Shadows Of A Dove

The Boat Leaves Sunday                               90 - 92

Here I Am Again                                              The Color Of Mary´s Eyes

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