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Alabama (folk, rock)

Alabama was a Toronto based folk rock band formed ca. 1972 by Buster Fykes, Hector McLean, Rick Knight, and Len Sembaluk. The band performed a mix of progressive rock, Cajun, country and soul music. Their 1973 single "Song of Love" peaked on the RPM 100 Singles chart at No. 26 in June that year. A second single, "Highway Driving", reached No. 42 in August 1973 and was nominated for the Juno Award for Canadian Country Single of the year in 1974; the band also received a nomination the same year for Best Country Group.

Alabama - Close To Home - 1973.jpg

Close To Home - 1973


Children's Castles                                        Song Of Love

So I Flew Away                                             In The Sky

People And Places                                       Highway Driving

The Ones You Love                                      Gunslinger's Lament

Quicksand                                                    Understanding


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