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Alberta Slim (country)

Alberta Slim (February 2, 1910 – November 26, 2005) was a country music singer. Slim was born Eric Charles Edwards in Wiltshire, England, and emigrated with his family to Canada as a child. Slim started a traveling circus in the 1940s which included an elephant who could play harmonica, a singing dog, a chimpanzee on a bicycle, and a horse which Slim claimed could see the future. In 1949, he had his first hit on record, "When It's Apple Blossom Time in Annapolis Valley", released on Gavotte Records. Later, RCA Victor signed him and released songs such as "Waltz Evelina Waltz", "You Say I'm a Fool", "My Annapolis Valley Home", and "It's Too Late to Care".  He continued to perform until he was 93. He died in 2005 at the age of 95 in Surrey, BC.

alberta slim.jpg
Alberta Slim - When It's Apple Blossom T

When It's Apple Blossom Time In Annapolis Valley - 1961

Alberta Slim - With The Bar X Ranch Boys

With The Bar X Ranch Boys - 1962

Alberta Slim - Canada, My Homeland - 196

Canada, My Homeland - 1967

Alberta Slim - Peace Of Mind - 1969.jpg

Peace Of Mind - 1969

Alberta Slim - The Bar X Ranch Boys & Hi

His Bar  X Ranch Boys & His Horse Kitten - 1997

Alberta Slim - Golden Memories Of Albert

Golden Memories & The Original CBC Happy Gang Orchestra - 1997

Alberta Slim - Yodeling Alberta Slim & H

Yodeling Alberta Slim & His Bar X Ranch Boys - 1997

Alberta Slim - The History Of Canada In

The History Of Canada In Song - 2000

Alberta Slim - The Last Round-up Volume

The Last Round-up - 2003

Alberta Slim - A Canadian Legend Volume

Clover Lane A Canadian Sweetheart - 2003


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