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Alpha Centauri


The hard rock group Alpha Centauri came together in 1971, in the unlikely place of Greeley, CO. It was a three-piece band in those first years, consisting of drummer Randy Thompson, keyboardist and singer Jess Redmon, and singer and guitarist Kurt Smith. In 1975, Garth Hannum joined, bringing his skills as both a singer and bassist.  By 1977, Alpha Centauri turned its attention toward Canada. That same year, the band finally released a debut album.  The next year there was a television special and a number of live performances, but no sophomore album was completed for waiting fans. After those peak years of 1977 and 1978, things just never took off again for Alpha Centauri. By 1983 the guys cut out the lights and went home.

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Hard Rock


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1971 - 1983



1977 Medley

Alpha Centauri Mix


Randy Thompson, Garth Hannum, Kurt Smith, Jess Redmon

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Alpha Centauri - 1977

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