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Anastatica (prog rock, psychedelic)

Based in the musically rich city of London, Ontario,  Anastatica's solo member is twenty-seven year old multi-instrumentalist Aaron Gray. Anastatica is a psychedelic, progressive rock project born from a multifaceted need: to serve as a channel for anxious energies, to evocate self-expression and to represent the reinvention of the self. In October 2020, Anastatica released its debut EP titled Empyrean; a euphonic blending of psychedelia, blues, jazz, and progressive rock that forms a soundtrack fit for any cosmonaut's journeys. Praised for having "amazing instrumentation" with "great cinematic feel" and "big heavy rocking and prog influenced jam".

Anastatica - Empyrean (EP) - 2020.jpg

Empyrean (EP) - 2020


1. Empyrean 05:20

2. Hyperuranion 02:08

3. Lunar Tides 02:18

4. So On The Earth Below 04:12

5. The Theory of Forms 04:20

6. Sol Invictus 05:52


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