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Arsin (hard rock)

Arsin was formed by Andy Narsingh, Mike MacKinnon & Rich Flynn in around 1992 under the name "Hunger". They made several recordings together including: Longway to Paradise, Can You Believe and Now's The Time and a few others that where never published. Around November of 1996 Arsin was ready to record their first EP entitled "Beyond". . After many years together the band had a falling out due to personal reasons and contract problems. Terry Crosson left the band shortly after the album release but, the original members Mike and Andy continued playing together and found a replacement for Terry. The band is now known as Heavens Fire.

Arsin - Beyond - 1995.jpg

Beyond - 1995


1 Long Way

2 Can You Believe

3 Future's Waiting

4 Beyond

5 Now's The Time


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