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Artificial Joy Club (alternative rock)

Artificial Joy Club, at first known as Sal's Birdland was an alternative rock band active in the 1990s. The group recorded three albums and one hit single. The group formed in 1993 when Louise Reny and Leslie Howe, formerly of the pop group One to One, joined with guitarist Michael Goyette, bassist Tim Dupont and drummer Andrew Lamarche. Initially taking the name Sal's Birdland ("Sal" was Reny's stage name in the band), the group released its debut album, So Very Happy, in 1994. The band broke up in 1999.

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Artificial Joy Club - Melt - 1997.jpg

Melt - 1997


Psychic Man                                       Skywriting

Sick & Beautiful                                  Spaceman

No Shame                                           I Say

You're Too Good To Me                      Crawl

Cheeky Monkey                                 Garbage Cans


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