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Battered Wives (punk)

Battered Wives was a punk rock band from Toronto, active during the late 1970s.  London had Sex Pistols, New York had Ramones, but Toronto had Battered Wives.  The group made a point of playing as loudly as possible. The whole idea was to turn it up to ten and saw the knobs off!  Battered Wives acquiesced to complaints from the public, shortening their name to simply 'The Wives' for their second album Cigarettes. It won a Juno for best record design.

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Battered Wives - Battered Wives - 1978.j


Daredevil 2:59                                            I Want It All 3:10 

Get What I Can 3:18                                          

Uganda Stomp 2:58                                    Suicide 3:52

Angry Young Man 2:21                               You Better Be Right 2:35

Lovers Balls 3:48                                        Everybody Loves A Loser 3:25

Freedom Fighters3:39

Battered Wives - 1978

Battered Wives - Cigarettes - 1979.jpg


Ready Or Not 3:14                                    New Wave Robot 3:15

Afraid Of The Dark 3:53                            Windy Beach 2:34

Run For Yer Life 3:35                                Hit And Run 2:50

Plastic Princess 3:05                                 (I Love) Telling You Lies 2:27

Fantasy 2:44                                             Wake Me When It's Over 2:58

Mandy 5:52

Cigarettes - 1979


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Battered Wives - Live On Mother's Day -


Keep A Knockin' 2:00                                Daredevil 3:39

Freedom Fighters 2:51                              Everybody Loves A Loser 3:13

Sex N Drugs N Rock N Roll 4:24              Sweet Little Sixteen 1:55

You Really Got Me 2:37                            Lucille 2:35

Suicide 3:45                                              Great Balls Of Fire 3:40

Live On Mother's Day - 1980