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Bea Box (indie, electro pop)

Many musicians claim to be inspired by art and cultures from all over the world, but the influences and talents of artist Joannie Labelle are truly as diverse as they are impressive.  Her mastery of different percussions, coupled with her unique voice and an impressive handling of electronics make her love for Björk's music tangible. Labelle, who speaks four languages ​​fluently, seems to be able to effortlessly combine her influences into a unique project, BEA BOX from Montreal, Quebec. Whether at solo shows, in a production with strings, or as a trio with her band…. It is always unmistakable BEA BOX and a real experience. - Joannie Labelle

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Bea Box - Debut - 2016.jpg

Debut - 2016

Bea Box - Travel Basecamp (Cabo) EP - 20

Travel Basecamp (Cabo) EP - 2017

Bea Box - Origami (EP) - 2020.jpg

Origami (EP) - 2020

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