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Bearfoot (rock)

Bearfoot was a Juno Award-nominated rock band, founded by Jim Atkinson, Terry Danko, Dwayne Ford, Hugh Brockie and Brian Hilton. Initially going by "Atkinson, Danko and Ford", they changed their name out of practicality and because they didn't want to sound as though they were a law-firm. They released three albums and five singles through Columbia Records. The founding members came together as part of Ronnie Hawkins' Rock and Roll Revival and Travelling Medicine Show, first meeting at the Graham Bell Hotel in Brantford, Ontario. Bearfoot eventually formed in 1969 and left Hawkins to sign with Columbia. 

Bearfoot - Bearfoot - 1972.jpg


Only A Soldier 3:14                                      Mark Twain 3:12

How Can I Prove It 3:05                             

I Used To Love Her Madly (But Now She Treats Me Badly) 3:17

Sweet Harmony 3:47                                  Quiet On The Water 3:54

Right On 4:35                                              Life Goes Too Fast 2:52

Take Me Home 2:54                                    Holy, Holy, Holy 5:37

Bearfoot - 1972

Bearfoot - Friends With - 1973.jpg


Molly 3:40                                                        St. Augustine 2:35

Lady From Baltimore 2:32                              Bury Your Head In The Sand (Instrumental) 1:50

With Your Thanks 3:01                                    Lecher's Reign 6:36

Sweet Virginia 4:57                                         Drop Down Mama 3:22

The Train That I Ride On 3:06                        Are You Going Somewhere 3:21

Friends 5:15

Friends With - 1973

Bearfoot & Dwayne Ford - Passing Time -


A1 There's A Life In Me 5:43                          A2 Inside Track 3:13

A3 Justine 3:21                                              A4 Jukebox 2:32

B1 Passing Time 3:08                                    B2 I'm In Love With You 3:58

B3 Cable To Carol 3:01                                  B4 Good Book 3:50

B5 To All The Millions 3:45

Passing Time - 1975


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