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Bentwood Rocker (rock, pop)

Bentwood Rocker is a pop/rock vocal quintet from Belleville, Ontario. After more than a decade of performing mostly cover material as the popular band, "Sands of Time", musicians Eric Baragar, Mike Goettler, Steve Smith and Tim Campbell decided to take a new direction and Bentwood Rocker was born. The band started as a studio project in 1977, recording 8 CD's/albums and numerous singles and has developed into a dynamic live performance act that continues today - celebrating 40 years together - the same guys!

bentwood rocker3.jpg
Bentwood Rocker - Bentwood Rocker - 1979

Not Taken - 1979

Bentwood Rocker - Take Me To Heaven - 19

Take Me To Heaven - 1982

Bentwood Rocker - Bentwood Rocker - 1996

Bentwood Rocker - 1996

Bentwood Rocker - Take One (EP) - 2017.j

Take One - 2017

Bentwood Rocker - Take Two (EP) - 2017.j

Take Two - 2017

Bentwood Rocker - Take Three (EP) - 2017

Take Three - 2017

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