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Blanket Barricade (alternative rock)

Blanket Barricade is a Vancouver indie rock band founded by Wesley Krauss (vocals / songwriting). The name of the band originates from Wesley's childhood when he would make forts out of blankets in his living room. The band's music has been described as multi-layered, intricate, and theatrical. The band has gained popularity primarily through their music videos on YouTube which have reached over one million views.

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Blanket Barricade - Parade Bells - 2012.

Parade Bells - 2012


1 A Velvet Affair                                          2 Friendly Games Of Deceit

3 Hype Machine                                         4 Just Because

5 Sticks And Stones                                   6 X-Out

7 Hollow Eyes                                            8 Stray Shadows

9 X-In

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