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Bunny & The Lakers (electronic, experimental)

Bunny & The Lakers were an extremely short-lived experimental synth band from Toronto led by songwriter Peter Morgan. They only played live once! Bunny & the Lakers often get lumped in with the 'synthpunk' scene and released only one album during the course of the band. One of the band's two vocalists, G.B. Jones, later went on to be in 'Fifth Column'; further on down the line, she became a filmmaker who directed and appeared in several underground movies, including a 'girl gang' movie called 'The Yo-Yo Gang' that came out in 1992.

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Numbers - 1979

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Inhalation / Ventalation                                  Cops On Parade

Yalps From The Alps                                     Shrieks From The Peeks

Maid In Sweeden                                           Batlore

In Terms Of Germs                                        TB Farm (Kiss Me Now)

S.O.S.                                                            Weekend Guests

Sandy                                                            Dolphin Bay


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