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Caitlin Hanford (country, folk)

Caitlin Hanford is a country and bluegrass singer and a music teacher originally from Lawrence, Kansas,  born October 24, 1954. Hanford moved to Canada in 1976 and graduated from McGill University, in Montreal, Quebec in 1978. In 1981, Hanford and then husband Chris Whiteley released an album, Lovin' in Advance, and a single through Troubadour Music. After a second album, the pair were nominated for a Juno Award in 1984. In 1993, Hanford was a founding member of Quartette, along with Sylvia Tyson, Colleen Peterson and Cindy Church. 

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Caitlin Hanford - Bluer Skies - 1997.jpg

Bluer Skies - 1997


1 The Nature Of My Blues                               2 Home Sweet Home

3 Romance Is A Slow Dance                           4 Muddy River

5 Love Will Really Be A Simple Thing              6 Radiates

7 Two Days In April                                          8 Red Clay Halo

9 Little Hotel Room                                         10 When I've Got The Moon

11 For The Chance Of Lovin' You                   12 That Lonesome Whistle Sound


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