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Casper Skulls (indie rock)

Casper Skulls are an indie rock band from Toronto, Ontario. They are most noted for receiving a SOCAN Songwriting Prize nomination in 2018 for their song "Lingua Franca". The band was formed in 2015 by Neil Bednis and Melanie St-Pierre, musicians and romantic partners from Sudbury who moved to the Toronto area when St-Pierre started studying art and design at Sheridan College. They added bassist Fraser McClean and drummer Chris Anthony, and began performing in Toronto venues. In 2016 they signed with Buzz Records and released their debut EP Lips & Skull.

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Casper Skulls - Lips & Skulls (EP) - 2016.jpg


A1 Devotion

A2 Lips & Skull

A3 Errands

B1 Love Brain

B2 Caught On A Wire

Lips & Skulls (EP) - 2016

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Casper Skulls- - Mercy Works - 2017.jpg


Mercy Works 1:10                                                 You Can Call Me Allocator 3:50

Lingua Franca 3:49                                               What's That Good For 3:33

Primeval 4:10                                                        Colour of the Outside 5:19

Chicane, OH 3:54                                                 I Stared At "Moses and the Burning Bush" 4:55

The Science of Dichotomies 5:06                         Glories 5:19

Faded Sound 4:32

Mercy Works - 2017

Casper Skulls - Knows No Kindness - 2021.jpg


1 Tommy 3:37                                                         2 Thesis 4:31

3 Ouija 3:46                                                            4 Witness 3:30

5 Rose of Jericho 5:00                                           6 Proem 0:50

7 Knows No Kindness 5:49                                    8 Monument 5:06

9 The Mouth 4:26                                                   10 Stay The Same 3:26

Knows No Kindness - 2021