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Cats Can Fly

North York, Ontario

Cats Can Fly was a synthpop band from North York, Ontario in the 1980s. They released one album in 1986.  Cats Can Fly began as a school rock band called Ethos.  After a US-based band with the same name released an album, the group changed its name to Scamp.  After a series of drummers Eddie Zeeman became the band's permanent drummer in 1982. Scamp changed its name to Cats Can Fly shortly thereafter. The band garnered a Juno Award nomination for Most Promising Group at the Juno Awards of 1986.  - Wikipedia

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Rock, synthpop


Associated Acts




Years Active


1982 - 1987



Lookin' For Love

Flippin' To The A Side

Save It For The Next Time


Jim Longmiur, Alan Frizell, Frank Miller

David Ashley, Mitchell James, Peter Alexander, Eddie Zeeman

Music & Merch

Cats Can Fly - Touch Touch (EP) - 1984.j
Cats Can Fly - Cats Can Fly - 1986.jpg

Touch Touch - 1984

Cats Can Fly - 1986