Chachi On Acid (punk)

"Chachi On Acid is a legendary band from Listowel, Ontario that you’ve probably never heard of. They’ve been kicking their snotty, punk anthems out for over twenty years now. "Everyone's A Urinal", "I Wanna Be An Alcoholic", "Everybody I Know Is An Asshole" and "Get Fucking Fucked" are more entertaining than anything currently at the top of the charts. This whole thing reeks of punk in Canada many years back. It’s a real time capsule in real time, and it’s great --provided you have a sense of humour. Chachi On Acid officially endorse the metric system."

Destroy Fred Mertz Sessions - 2010

Chachi On Acid - Your Nature Is Intense,

Your Nature Is Intense, Magnetic And Passionate - 2011

Chachi On Acid - You Work Best When Meti

You Work Best When Meticulous Attention To Detail Is Called For - 2012

A Group Of Fans Will Follow Your Philosophy - 2012

Chachi On Acid - You Communicate A Sense

You Communicate A Sense Of Harmony to Others - 2012

Chachi On Acid - Well I Guess That's Why

Well I Guess That's Why I've Always Got The Blues - 2015

Chachi On Acid - Jumbo's Hemp Mustard Ni

Jumbo's Hemp Mustard Nib - 2015

Chachi On Acid - Keep Your Idealism Prac

Keep Your Idealism Practical - 2018

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