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Charlie Jacobson (rock, blues)

Charlie Jacobson is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist born in Red Deer, Alberta. He has backed up and been backed up by some of the Canadian blues giants: Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne, Russell Jackson, David Vest and Donald Ray Johnson, to name a few.  All of this foundation building paid off. Charlie’s guitar appears to be part of his body when he’s on stage, like a third arm. It is not uncommon to see him weaving throughout crowds and jumping from drum kit to table, while singing his heart out, and never losing a note on the guitar.  His first full length Album was released in 2015 titled “Alberta Flood”. - Charlie Jacobson

Charlie Jacobson - Alberta Flood - 2015.

Alberta Flood - 2015

Charlie Jacobson - Travellin' - 2017.jpg

Travellin' - 2017

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