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Chef Adams (country)

Chef Adams, known as (Adam Edward Semeniuk), was born on a farm near Sturgis, Saskatchewan.  He started playing guitar when he was about 14 years old and caught the entertainer's itch.  In 1956 he recorded his first single, a song about marathon swimmer Marilyn Bell after she conquered Lake Ontario. The song became very popular on Ontario radio stations and this gave his career a great boost. During his recording career, Chef released a total of 12 albums and 18 singles, 2 eight tracks, 4 cassettes and 2 CD's.  Over the years Chef went on to do jamborees and appeared on numerous radio shows and also the famous WWVA Jamboree in Wheeling, West Virginia.

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Chef Adams - Songs For Country Lovers -

Songs For Country Lovers - 1964


A1 Happy Days Happy Times                   A2 (The Devil Hides) Behind Your Angel Face

A3 Toe The Mark                                       A4 Password To The Blues

A5 No Flowers On Mother's Day              A6 The Midnight Train

B1 Are You Really Lovin' Him                   B2 I'm Ready To Go

B3 Little Rosa                                           B4 Now That You're Gone

B5 Goin' Out Tonight                                                          

B6 Night Life


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Chef Adams - Chef Adams, The Adams Boys


A1 Canadian Pacific 4:16                           A2 Nobody But A Fool 2:21

A3 Delilah 2:40                                           A4 The Lumberjack 2:17

A5 Someday Somewhere 2:27                          

A6 Jackson 2:47                                        B1 A Boy Named Sue 3:24

B2 No Flowers On Mother's Day 3:34       B3 You're The Only One 1:51

B4 Who's Gonna Take Your Garbage Out 1:55

B5 Lately 2:45                                           B6 She's Breaking Every Bone In My Wallet 2:28

Chef Adams, The Adams Boys and Jennie Reeves - 1968

Chef Adams - Singer Songwriter -


A1 My Home In Saskatchewan 2:52             A2 What's To Become Of Me 2:36

A3 Walk Through This World With Me 2:52  A4 Six Days On The Road 3:25

A5 Where Will I Go 3:42                               A6 When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold 2:52

B1 The Truck Driver 2:41                             B2 Three Acres Of Heaven 2:46

B3 Destroy Me 2:45                                     B4 If You Want Me To 1:47

B5 If She Could See Me Now 3:06              B6 The Devil Hides Behind Your Angel Face 3:05

Singer Songwriter - 1969

Chef Adams - I Never Knew Her Name - 197


A1 Tell Me 2:09                                            A2 My Hang-Up Is You 2:42

A3 I Never Knew Her Name 2:46                A4 Grandma Harp 2:06

A5 I'll Be Over You 2:51                              B1 It's All Gone 2:20

B2 Indian Lake 3:14                                    B3 Find Me A Bluebird 3:54

B4 Forever Together 2:33                           B5 Don't Do It Darling 3:05

I Never Knew Her Name - 1971

Chef Adams - Does The Sunshine Still Rem


A1 Does The Sunshine Still Remember          A2 Mr. And Mrs. Used To Be

A3 What's Wrong Friend                                 A4 Catfish River

A5 Makin' It Look Good                                  A6 I've Been To Where You're Going

B1 Make Up Your Ever Changin' Mind           B2 Sherry

B3 My First Complete Memory Free Day       B4 Indian Joe

B5 Gypsy On Wheels                                     B6 Beer Drinkers, Born Losers, And Me

Does The Sunshine Still Remember? - 1971