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Cheri (disco, funk)

Chéri was a female dance music duo from Montreal, consisting of American Rosalind Milligan Hunt and Canadian Lise Cullerier. They had one Billboard Top 40 hit, "Murphy's Law", in 1982. Friends Hunt and Cullerier began singing together at the suggestion of Hunt's mother, singer Geraldine Hunt. Calling their duo Chéri, in 1982 they recorded a single, "Murphy's Law", which became their only Billboard Hot 100 entry, peaking at #39. The song also hit number-one on the Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart and is notable for its speed-up vocal chorus ("got it all together, dontcha baby"). The song was written by Geraldine Hunt and Daniel Joseph, and released on Venture Records.

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No Communication 6:35                                          Sincerely 4:20

Murphy's Law 4:45                                                  Come And Get These Memories 4:40

Star Struck 5:10                                                       Anything Is Possible 4:01

Give It To Me 4:48                                                    Come With Me (To My Island) 5:30

Cheri - 1982

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Working Girl 4:43                                                     Small Town Lover 5:12

I Can't Stop The Feeling 4:08                                  So Sure 5:30

Love Stew 5:47                                                        Hold Back The Night 4:45

Midnight Blue 4:15                                                   Just The Way You Are 4:00

Do It For The Thrill 3:30

Love Stew - 1983