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Cindy Valentine (rock, pop)

Cindy Valentine was born in Italy and raised in Canada. She attended the Royal Conservatory Of Music in Toronto. She released two solo albums, one hard-rock with CBS Canada entitled "Rock & Roll Heart Attack" in 1984, and one Urban dance on Polygram in 1986 entitled "Secret Rendez-vous". She released a single on Arista Records in 1989 that was in the Billboard top 15 in the top 40 entitled "Pick Up The Pieces To My Heart" and sang three songs on Jellybean's "Spillin' The Beans" album on Atlantic Records. She was signed at age 9 and looked much older than her years - her manager made sure so that she could perform in bars that were unionized. Cindy is also a songwriter for other artists, a filmmaker, and an actress. She has scored and music supervised many movies. She currently goes by her birthname of Cindy Valentine Leone (She is the niece of famed director Sergio Leone).

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Cindy Valentine - Rock & Roll Heart Attack - 1984.jpg

Rock & Roll Heart Attack - 1984

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Victim 4:03                                                           Fool In The Night 4:18

Big Kiss 3:44                                                        Love Child 3:55

Power Of Love 5:00                                             Living In The Fast Lane 4:31

Make It Through The Night 3:31                          Using Me 4:57

Lust 4:09                                                              Don't Waste Your Love 4:03

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Cindy Valentine - Secret Rendezvous - 1987.jpg


In Your Midnight Hour 4:25                                  Heartless 4:15

Don't Give Up 4:14                                              Try Your Luck 3:52

A Fine Mess 4:27                                                 Secret Rendez-Vous 4:52

Savage 5:00                                                         Fight The Feeling 4:25

Hungry Love 3:58

Secret Rendez-Vous - 1987

Cindy Valentine - Blame Yourself - 2008.jpg


1 Blame Yourself                                                 2 I Swear

3 We All Fall Down                                              4 Hope To Die

5 Are You Ready                                                 6 Walk Away

7 Do I Look Strong To You?                                8 Another Day For Me

9 Just A Dream                                                   10 Using Me

11 Talk To Me                                                      12 Streets Are My Destiny

13 Like A Thief

Blame Yourself - 2008