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Cold Specks (soul, goth rock)

Cold Specks is the stage name of Somali Canadian singer-songwriter Ladan Hussein, who was previously known as Al Spx. Her music has been described as doom-soul. The name Cold Specks is taken from a line in James Joyce's Ulysses ("Born all in the dark wormy earth, cold specks of fire, evil, lights shining in the darkness."). She released her debut album, I Predict a Graceful Expulsion, on May 21, 2012, on Mute Records and Arts & Crafts in Canada, which was nominated for a Polaris Music Prize. On May 13, 2020, Hussein announced on Facebook that she would retire her stage name and would release music under her own name from then on.

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Cold Specks - I Predict A Graceful Explo


The Mark                                                Heavy Hands

Winter Solstice                                       When the City Lights Dim

Hector                                                    Holland

Elephant Head                                       Send Your Youth

Blank Maps                                            Steady

Lay Me Down

I Predict A Graceful Explosion - 2012

Cold Specks - Neuroplasticity - 2014.jpg


A Broken Memory                                 Bodies at Bay

Old Knives                                            A Quiet Chill

Exit Plan (featuring Michael Gira)         Let Loose the Dogs

Absisto                                                 Living Signs

A Formal Invitation                               A Season of Doubt

Neuroplasticity - 2014

Cold Specks - Fool's Paradise - 2017.jpg


1. Fool's Paradise 03:44                      2. Wild Card 03:50

3. Solid 03:11                                       4. Ancient Habits 03:51

5. Rupture 03:32                                  6. Void 03:09

7. New Moon 03:02                             8. Two Worlds 04:34

9. Witness 03:17                                 10. Exile 04:19

Fool's Paradise - 2017


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