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Colter Wall (country, western)

Colter Wall (born June 27, 1995) is a singer-songwriter from Swift Current, Saskatchewan.  Wall was familiar with country music growing up, as country artists such as Johnny Cash were played at home.  Wall recorded a seven-song EP, Imaginary Appalachia, in 2015 with Jason Plumb the producer at Studio One in Regina, Saskatchewan. He collaborated on the EP with other artists from Regina such as Belle Plaine and The Dead South. He described his music as a blend of blues, folk and Americana. In May 2017 he released His first full-length album, self-titled Colter Wall.

Colter Wall

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Colter Wall - Imaginary Appalachia (EP)

Imaginary Appalachia (EP) - 2015


Sleeping on The Blacktop 3:12                    Johnny Boy's Bones (Feat. The Dead South) 2:56

Caroline (Feat. Belle Plaine) 2:54                Living On The Sand 3:22

Ballad Of A Law Abiding Sophisticate 3:12

Nothin' 3:23                                                  The Devil Wears A Suit And Tie 3:56

Colter Wall -- Colter Wall - 2017.jpg

Colter Wall - 2017


Thirteen Silver Dollars 2:30                              Codeine Dream 3:37

Me and Big Dave 4:04                                      Motorcycle 2:17

Kate McCannon 4:34                                        W.B.'s Talkin 2:29

Snake Mountain Blues 3:06                             You Look to Yours 4:32

Transcendent Ramblin' Railroad Blues 5:00    Fraulein 2:23

Bald Butte 5:50

Colter Wall - Songs Of The Plains - 2018

Songs Of The Plains - 2018


Plain To See Plainsman                                   Saskatchewan In 1881

John Beyers (Camaro Song)                           Wild Dogs

Calgary Round-Up                                           Night Herding Song

Wild Bill Hickock                                              The Trains Are Gone

Thinkin' On A Woman                                      Manitoba Man

Tying Knots In The Devil's Tail

Colter Wall - Western Swing & Waltzes An

Western Swing & Waltzes And Other Punchy Songs - 2020


Western Swing & Waltzes 3:13                       I Ride An Old Paint / Leavin' Cheyenne 3:10

Big Iron 4:24                                                    Henry And Sam 2:42

Diamond Joe 3:15                                           High & Mighty 2:41

Talkin' Prairie Boy 3:50                                    Cowpoke 3:12

Rocky Montain Rangers 2:08                          Houlihans At The Holiday Inn 4:56


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