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Confusionaires, The (rockabilly)

The Confusionaires are a high-energy rockabilly trio fronted by one of the finest rockabilly guitar players in Edmonton, AB… and backed by one of the best rhythm sections in Northern Alberta. Fat Dave Johnston’s distinctive guitar sound coupled with his keen gift for songwriting is ultimately what attracted the bass monster Jayson Aschenmonster, and it was Fat Dave’s penchant for musical chaos is what first attracted drumming phenom Adam Stark to complete the trio in early 2017.While doubt seems to be running wild in the music industry, there is a renewed optimism for the success of The Confusionaires.

Confusionaires - It's Time To Make A Lit

It's Time To Make A Little Mess - 2018

Confusionaires - From The Headache To Th

From The Headache To The Heartache - 2020

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